FlexMeasures CLI Changelog

since v.0.22.0 | June XX, 2024

  • Add --resolution option to flexmeasures show chart to produce charts in different time resolutions.

since v.0.21.0 | April 16, 2024

  • Include started, deferred and scheduled jobs in the overview printed by the CLI command flexmeasures jobs show-queues.

since v.0.20.0 | March 26, 2024

  • Add command flexmeasures edit transfer-ownership to transfer the ownership of an asset and its children.

  • Add --offspring option to flexmeasures delete beliefs command, allowing to delete beliefs of children, as well.

  • Add support for providing a sensor definition to the --site-power-capacity, --site-consumption-capacity and --site-production-capacity options of the flexmeasures add schedule for-storage command.

since v0.19.1 | February 26, 2024

  • Fix support for providing a sensor definition to the --storage-power-capacity option of the flexmeasures add schedule for-storage command.

since v0.19.0 | February 18, 2024

  • Enable the use of QuantityOrSensor fields for the flexmeasures add schedule for-storage CLI command:

    • charging-efficiency

    • discharging-efficiency

    • soc-gain

    • soc-usage

    • power-capacity

    • production-capacity

    • consumption-capacity

    • storage-efficiency

  • Streamline CLI option naming by favoring --<entity> over --<entity>-id. This affects the following options:

    • --account-id -> --account

    • --asset-id -> --asset

    • --asset-type-id -> --asset-type

    • --sensor-id -> --sensor

    • --source-id -> --source

    • --user-id -> ``–user`

since v0.18.1 | January 15, 2024

  • Fix the validation of the option --parent-asset of command flexmeasures add asset.

since v0.17.0 | November 8, 2023

  • Add --consultancy option to flexmeasures add account to create a consultancy relationship with another account.

since v0.16.0 | September 29, 2023

  • Add command flexmeasures add sources to add the base DataSources for the DataGenerators.

  • Add command flexmeasures show chart to export sensor and asset charts in PNG or SVG formats.

  • Add --kind reporter option to flexmeasures add toy-account to create the asset and sensors for the reporter tutorial.

  • Add --id option to flexmeasures show data-sources to show just one DataSource.

  • Add --show-attributes flag to flexmeasures show data-sources to select whether to show the attributes field or not.

since v0.15.0 | August 9, 2023

  • Allow deleting multiple sensors with a single call to flexmeasures delete sensor by passing the --id option multiple times.

  • Add flexmeasures add schedule for-process to create a new process schedule for a given power sensor.

  • Add support for describing config and parameters in YAML for the command flexmeasures add report, editable in user’s code editor using the flags --edit-config or --edit-parameters.

  • Add --kind process option to create the asset and sensors for the ProcessScheduler tutorial.

since v0.14.1 | June 20, 2023

  • Avoid saving any NaN values to the database, when calling flexmeasures add report.

  • Fix defaults for the --start-offset and --end-offset` options to ``flexmeasures add report, which weren’t being interpreted in the local timezone of the reporting sensor.

since v0.14.0 | June 15, 2023

  • Allow setting a storage efficiency using the new --storage-efficiency option to the flexmeasures add schedule for-storage CLI command.

  • Add CLI command flexmeasures add report to calculate a custom report from sensor data and save the results to the database, with the option to export them to a CSV or Excel file.

  • Add CLI command flexmeasures show reporters to list available reporters, including any defined in registered plugins.

  • Add CLI command flexmeasures show schedulers to list available schedulers, including any defined in registered plugins.

  • Make --account-id optional in flexmeasures add asset to support creating public assets, which are available to all users.

since v0.13.0 | May 1, 2023

  • Add flexmeasures add source CLI command for adding a new data source.

  • Add --inflexible-device-sensor option to flexmeasures add schedule.

since v0.12.0 | January 04, 2023

  • Add --resolution, --timezone and --to-file options to flexmeasures show beliefs, to show beliefs data in a custom resolution and/or timezone, and also to save shown beliefs data to a CSV file.

  • Add options to flexmeasures add beliefs to 1) read CSV data with timezone naive datetimes (use --timezone to localize the data), 2) read CSV data with datetime/timedelta units (use --unit datetime or --unit timedelta, 3) remove rows with NaN values, and 4) add filter to read-in data by matching values in specific columns (use --filter-column and --filter-value together).

  • Fix flexmeasures db-ops dump and flexmeasures db-ops restore incorrectly reporting a success when pg_dump and pg_restore are not installed.

  • Add flexmeasures monitor last-seen.

  • Rename flexmeasures monitor tasks to flexmeasures monitor last-run.

  • Rename flexmeasures add schedule to flexmeasures add schedule for-storage (in expectation of more scheduling commands, based on in-built flex models).

since v0.11.0 | August 28, 2022

  • Add flexmeasures jobs show-queues to show contents of computation job queues.

  • --name parameter in flexmeasures jobs run-worker is now optional.

  • Add --custom-message param to flexmeasures monitor tasks.

  • Rename -optimization-context-id to --consumption-price-sensor in flexmeasures add schedule, and added --production-price-sensor.

since v0.9.0 | March 25, 2022

  • Add CLI commands for showing data flexmeasures show accounts, flexmeasures show account, flexmeasures show roles, flexmeasures show asset-types, flexmeasures show asset, flexmeasures show data-sources, and flexmeasures show beliefs.

  • Add flexmeasures db-ops resample-data CLI command to resample sensor data to a different resolution.

  • Add flexmeasures edit attribute CLI command to edit/add an attribute on an asset or sensor.

  • Add flexmeasures add toy-account for tutorials and trying things.

  • Add flexmeasures add schedule to create a new schedule for a given power sensor.

  • Add flexmeasures delete asset to delete an asset (including its sensors and data).

  • Rename flexmeasures add structure to flexmeasures add initial-structure.

since v0.8.0 | January 26, 2022

  • Add flexmeasures add sensor, flexmeasures add asset-type, `flexmeasures add beliefs. These were previously experimental features (under the dev-add command group).

  • flexmeasures add asset now directly creates an asset in the new data model.

  • Add flexmeasures delete sensor, flexmeasures delete nan-beliefs and flexmeasures delete unchanged-beliefs.

since v0.6.0 | April 2, 2021

  • Add flexmeasures add account, flexmeasures delete account, and the --account-id param to flexmeasures add user.

since v0.4.0 | April 2, 2021

  • Add the dev-add command group for experimental features around the upcoming data model refactoring.

since v0.3.0 | April 2, 2021

  • Refactor CLI into the main groups add, delete, jobs and db-ops

  • Add flexmeasures add asset, flexmeasures add user and flexmeasures add weather-sensor

  • Split the populate-db command into flexmeasures add structure and flexmeasures add forecasts