CLI Commands

FlexMeasures comes with a command-line utility, which helps to manage data. Below, we list all available commands.

Each command has more extensive documentation if you call it with --help.

We keep track of changes to these commands in FlexMeasures CLI Changelog. You can also get the current overview over the commands you have available by:

flexmeasures --help
flexmeasures [command] --help

This also shows admin commands made available through Flask and installed extensions (such as Flask-Security and Flask-Migrate), of which some are referred to in this documentation.

add - Add data

flexmeasures add initial-structure

Initialize structural data like users, roles and asset types.

flexmeasures add account-role

Create a FlexMeasures tenant account role.

flexmeasures add account

Create a FlexMeasures tenant account.

flexmeasures add user

Create a FlexMeasures user.

flexmeasures add asset-type

Create a new asset type.

flexmeasures add asset

Create a new asset.

flexmeasures add sensor

Add a new sensor.

flexmeasures add beliefs

Load beliefs from file.

flexmeasures add source

Add a new data source.

flexmeasures add forecasts

Create forecasts.

flexmeasures add schedule for-storage

Create a charging schedule for a storage asset.

flexmeasures add schedule for-process

Create a schedule for a process asset.

flexmeasures add holidays

Add holiday annotations to accounts and/or assets.

flexmeasures add annotation

Add annotation to accounts, assets and/or sensors.

flexmeasures add toy-account

Create a toy account, for tutorials and trying things.

flexmeasures add report

Create a report.

show - Show data

flexmeasures show accounts

List accounts.

flexmeasures show account

Show an account, its users and assets.

flexmeasures show asset-types

List available asset types.

flexmeasures show asset

Show an asset and its sensors.

flexmeasures show roles

List available account- and user roles.

flexmeasures show data-sources

List available data sources.

flexmeasures show beliefs

Plot time series data.

flexmeasures show reporters

List available reporters.

flexmeasures show schedulers

List available schedulers.

edit - Edit data

flexmeasures edit attribute

Edit (or add) an asset attribute or sensor attribute.

flexmeasures edit resample-data

Assign a new event resolution to an existing sensor
and resample its data accordingly.

flexmeasures edit transfer-ownership

Transfer the ownership of an asset and its children to
a different account.

delete - Delete data

flexmeasures delete structure

Delete all structural (non time-series) data,
like assets (types), roles and users.

flexmeasures delete account-role

Delete a tenant account role.

flexmeasures delete account

Delete a tenant account & also their users
(with assets and power measurements).

flexmeasures delete user

Delete a user & also their assets and power measurements.

flexmeasures delete asset

Delete an asset & also its sensors and data.

flexmeasures delete sensor

Delete a sensor and all beliefs about it.

flexmeasures delete measurements

Delete measurements (with horizon <= 0).

flexmeasures delete prognoses

Delete forecasts and schedules (forecasts > 0).

flexmeasures delete unchanged-beliefs

Delete unchanged beliefs.

flexmeasures delete nan-beliefs

Delete NaN beliefs.

jobs - Job queueing

flexmeasures jobs run-worker

Start a worker process for forecasting and/or scheduling jobs.

flexmeasures jobs show queues

List job queues.

flexmeasures jobs clear-queue

Clear a job queue.

db-ops - Operations on the whole database

flexmeasures db-ops dump

Create a dump of all current data (using pg_dump).

flexmeasures db-ops load

Load backed-up contents (see db-ops save), run reset first.

flexmeasures db-ops reset

Reset database data and re-create tables from data model.

flexmeasures db-ops restore

Restore the dump file, see db-ops dump (run reset first).

flexmeasures db-ops save

Backup db content to files.