FlexMeasures Changelog

v0.2.5 | April XX, 2021

New features

  • Add sensors with CLI command [see PR #83]

Infrastructure / Support

  • Updated dependencies, including Flask-Security-Too [see PR #82]

  • Integration with timely beliefs lib: Sensor data as TimedBeliefs [see PR #79]

v0.3.1 | April 9, 2021


  • PostMeterData endpoint was broken in API v2.0 [see PR #95]

v0.3.0 | April 2, 2021

New features

  • FlexMeasures can be installed with pip and its CLI commands can be run with flexmeasures [see PR #54]

  • Optionally setting recording time when posting data [see PR #41]

  • Add assets and weather sensors with CLI commands [see PR #74]


Read more on these features on the FlexMeasures blog.


  • Show screenshots in documentation and add some missing content [see PR #60]

  • Documentation listed 2.0 API endpoints twice [see PR #59]

  • Better xrange and title if only schedules are plotted [see PR #67]

  • User page did not list number of assets correctly [see PR #64]

  • Missing postPrognosis endpoint for >1.0 API blueprints [part of PR #41]

Infrastructure / Support

  • Added concept pages to documentation [see PR #65]

  • Dump and restore postgres database as CLI commands [see PR #68]

  • Improved installation tutorial as part of [PR #54]

  • Moved developer docs from Readmes into the main documentation [see PR #73]

  • Ensured unique sensor ids for all sensors [see PR #70 and (fix) PR #77]

v0.2.3 | February 27, 2021

New features

  • Power charts available via the API [see PR #39]

  • User management via the API [see PR #25]

  • Better visibility of asset icons on maps [see PR #30]


Read more on these features on the FlexMeasures blog.


  • Fix maps on new asset page (update MapBox lib) [see PR #27]

  • Some asset links were broken [see PR #20]

  • Password reset link on account page was broken [see PR #23]

Infrastructure / Support

  • CI via Github Actions [see PR #1]

  • Integration with timely beliefs lib: Sensors [see PR #13]

  • Apache 2.0 license [see PR #16]

  • Load js & css from CDN [see PR #21]

  • Start using marshmallow for input validation, also introducing HTTP status 422 in the API [see PR #25]

  • Replace solarpy with pvlib (due to license conflict) [see PR #16]

  • Stop supporting the creation of new users on asset creation (to reduce complexity) [see PR #36]