The FlexMeasures platform continuously reads in meter data from your assets. To assist your maintenance, it can alert you to situations which need your attention:

  • Breaches of thresholds (protect devices)

  • Data gaps & strange outliers (assure data quality)

  • Idle processes / leaks (minimise waste)


These features are work in progress. Most of our customers already do this by themselves in a straightforward manner.


The FlexMeasures platform continuously creates forecasts for the rest of day.

All relevant data should be forecasted:

  • Energy assets

  • Weather data

  • Market prices


The FlexMeasures platform optimises schedules for your flexible assets. This is where energy flexibility is valorised!

Examples are:

  • Charging schedules of batteries

  • Heat pumps management

  • Buffering of machinery

The goals can be maximal cost savings, maximal usage of solar power or stable energy supply for the most crucial consumers.