Welcome to the FlexMeasures documentation!

In a world with renewable energy, flexibility is crucial and valuable. Planning ahead allows flexible assets to serve the whole system with their flexibility, e.g. by shifting or curtailing energy use. This can also be profitable for their owners.

The FlexMeasures Platform is a tool for building real-time energy flexibility services, rapidly and scalable.

  • Developing energy flexibility services (e.g. to enable demand response) is crucial, but expensive.

  • FlexMeasures reduces development costs with real-time data integrations, uncertainty models and API/UI support.

Let’s take a closer look at the three core values:

Real-time data updates & advice

Energy flexibility services need to interact multiple times per day or hour. We equipped FlexMeasures with:

  • Support for real-time updates

  • Forecasting for the upcoming hours

  • Schedule optimization

Uncertainty models

Dealing with uncertain forecasts and outcomes is crucial.

FlexMeasures is therefore built on the timely-beliefs framework, so we model this real-world aspect accurately.

Service building

Building customer-facing services is where developers make impact. We make their work easy.

  • Well-documented API

  • Plugin support

  • Plotting support

For more on FlexMeasures services, read Services. Or head right over to Getting started.

Using FlexMeasures benefits operators as well as asset owners, by allowing or automation, insight, autonomy and profit sharing. For more on benefits, consult Benefits.

FlexMeasures is compliant with the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF). Therefore, this documentation uses USEF terminology, e.g. for role definitions. The intended users of FlexMeasures are a Supplier (energy company) and its Prosumers (asset owners who have energy contracts with that Supplier). The platform operator of FlexMeasures can be an Aggregator.

Code documentation

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