In-built smart functionality

The main purpose of the FlexMeasures platform is to serve as a basis to rapidly build energy flexibility services. Much software architecture and wiring groundwork is already included for this purpose, like an API, support for plotting and multi-tenancy and extensibility.

That said, several smart features come with FlexMeasures. Once the sensor structure and data is in place, they should be usable without much coding.


We’ll write more tutorials on this.


The FlexMeasures platform continuously reads in meter data from your assets. To assist your maintenance, it can alert you to situations which need your attention:

  • Breaches of thresholds (protect devices)

  • Data gaps & strange outliers (assure data quality)

  • Idle processes / leaks (minimise waste)


These features are work in progress. Most of our customers already do this by themselves in a straightforward manner.


The FlexMeasures platform continuously creates forecasts for the rest of day.

All relevant data should be forecasted:

  • Energy assets

  • Weather data

  • Market prices


The FlexMeasures platform optimises schedules for your flexible assets. This is where energy flexibility is valorised!

Examples are:

  • Charging schedules of batteries

  • Heat pumps management

  • Buffering of machinery

The goals can be maximal cost savings, maximal usage of solar power or stable energy supply for the most crucial consumers.