Getting started

FlexMeasures is useful from different perspectives. The documentation is quite vast, so we give you some pointers here what to read first, based on your perspective.

Using FlexMeasures

You are connecting to a running FlexMeasures server, e.g. for sending data, getting schedules or administrate users and assets.

First, you’ll need an account from the party running the server. Also, you probably want to:

Hosting FlexMeasures

You want to run your own FlexMeasures instance, to offer services or for trying it out. You’ll want to:

Plugin developers

You want to extend the functionality of FlexMeasures, e.g. a custom integration or a custom algorithm:

Core developers

You want to help develop FlexMeasures, e.g. to fix a bug. We provide a getting-started guide to becoming a developer at Developing for FlexMeasures.